Christ Killers

November 22, 2006

Quick, there isn’t much time…someone get hold of Abe Foxman over at the ADL. Serious business? Hell yes it’s serious business, the most serious business of all–‘Shoa’ business, meaning the possible loss of Jewish life on an apocalyptic scale. The infamous ‘blood libel’ has been brandished, and you know what that means–another Holocaust is in the works and it could erupt at any moment… gotta nip this thing in the bud before it gets out of hand…desperate times call for desperate measures and that means calling up all the desperados out in that no-man’s land known as the Diaspora. Attention, all thugs and goons at the JDL, now is the time for a few good men to come to the service of the synagogue by throwing some bricks, swinging some baseball bats and cracking a few skulls. Someone…anyone, FOR THE LOVE OF MOSES!!!…Chase down Rabbi Feldman or whatever his name is who heads that anti-free speech/anti-first amendment group ‘Jews Against Anti-Semitism’. We need another one of his high-profile press conferences like the one he held right before the release of The Passion of the Christ where he called for Mel Gibson to be arrested as a terrorist for daring to make a movie depicting in an historically accurate manner how this man known as Jesus of Nazareth was murdered.

What’s the cause for all the hysteria? Well, as I said, one of the ‘big guns’–meaning the infamous ‘blood libel’ has been used again. A bomb has been dropped, and not just one of those conventional, non-descript, generic types, but the mother of all bombs–‘Big Bertha’–meaning collective Jewish guilt for the Crucifixion of Jesus. You know what I mean–that thing that has led to the persecution of God’s favorite people for the last 20 centuries…The reason that 6 million blessed souls were snuffed out and which–as one Jewish writer claimed–‘caused the heavens to weep’. The smell of death is in the air…can you smell it? Smoke, gas chambers, the ovens, more smoke, so much smoke that it can be seen from space and we are all choking on it…

Am I the only one who sees the danger here? Where are the rest of the troops? Why am I seemingly the only one who recognizes the danger inherent in this situation while everyone else is at home watching Seinfeld? After all, for things much smaller than this we are usually told to stop whatever it is we are doing, get suited up for battle and go out and defend our Jewish neighbor superstars as if we were their personal bodyguards. If there is a candidate running for office who says that he is a supporter of the US Constitution or that he is devoutly Christian we aren’t allowed a minute of sleep until he is defeated at the election polls. If some New York-born pornographer with a distinctly eastern-European sounding name decides he wants to open up a sex shop right across the street from the local public school, we have to burn the midnight oil shouting down the concerned parents who are opponents of his entrepreneurial venture.

So what gives here? Why am I the only one getting worked up over this latest incident? THE BLOOD LIBEL HAS BEEN HURLED AND THAT MEANS THAT JEWS ARE GOING TO BE DROPPING LIKE FLIES ANY MINUTE!!!

Ok, my apologies. I will try to calm down. Chalk it all up as one of my ‘Chicken-Little’ moments. In my own defense though what you have to keep in mind is that this is all part of the programming I have received for the last 4 decades now and counting, so ‘forgive me, for I know not what I do’. I have been trained like one of Pavlov’s dogs that when I hear the sirens going off it means that a lot of Jews are about to die. Whenever someone in some corner of the earth–no matter how remote–says something linking the Jews to the Crucifixion of Jesus all Hell is about to break loose, and so now I guess I am jumping the gun, so to speak. Therefore you can understand why I might get a little excited at this recent event. I guess there really is something to that old saying about an old dog learning new tricks…

But yet, I cannot help but notice the break with protocol here. Curiously, all is eerily silent for some odd reason. No town criers, no warning lights, nothing. Normally this thing would have been headline news on the hour every hour. The President–whoever that might happen to be at that moment–would have briefed the nation. The giant pole-mounted horns found in every town in middle-America to warn of an approaching storm or an air raid would have been gotten the ‘green light’ and their ‘on’ buttons would have been crazy-glued in place so that turning them off was not possible. An asteroid the size of Mars could be heading for earth at break-neck speed, threatening all life on the planet and yet news of this type would have been pre-empted for a ‘we interrupt this program to bring you this special news report’ about how a group of God’s chosen people had been assaulted with the accusation that their forefathers were responsible for the death of an innocent man named Jesus of Nazareth and that this was a precursor to the next ultimate act of human savagery.

But as I said, nothing. Not a peep. How curious. By all historical appearances this latest event indicates that we are on the cusp of something terrible happening, and yet not a word from any of the watchdogs out there protecting Jewish lives. It is the night before Krystalnacht, and yet all through the Jewish house, not a creature is stirring, not even Abe Foxman that louse. None of the typical screeching from him who would have us believe that he spends night after sleepless night worrying about the next Jewish bonfire…No violence or threatened violence from ‘da muscle o’ da operation’, meaning the Jewish Defense League…Not a peep from the various Rabbis around the world who from their modest, unassuming, humble little multi-million-dollar hovels in the ghettos of upscale Manhattan or Hollywood peek furtively from behind closed curtains every few minutes and say to themselves ‘Oy, vey, de Gentiles…dey’ll be here any minute to rip us to shreds and take de gold fillings out of our mouths’

So what is the hitch in this case? Why is it that this time a red alert hasn’t been issued by all those from the ‘we have to bend over backwards and protect the Jews at all costs even at the expense of the rest of humanity’ groups? Why is it that Homeland Security Director and son of a Lubavitch Rabbi Michael Chertof has not ordered that US Forces pour into the area to prevent the inevitable spilling of invaluable Jewish blood? Why the exception? Usually their ‘anti-Jewish’ detectors are set like hair triggers and go-off when something as lightweight as a gnat’s eyelash lands on whatever their little golden calf happens to be at that moment.

Has there been a turn-around? Have they suddenly had a change of heart and decided to stop behaving like the paranoid narcissists they are historically known for being? Have they suddenly developed a fear of heights and decided therefore to come down from their high horses and exist on the same humble level as the rest of us unwashed goys and shiksas? Have they finally embraced the idea that they themselves do not deserve any special treatment?

Perish the thought, my gentle, gentile reader.

The reason for this sudden turnabout? Simple, because this time the blood libel was not meant as a curse. It was not an accusation or a charge. It was not the precursor to a violent act on the part of the Gentile against the Jew.

Rather, this latest incident that took place in the West Bank town of Hebron spoke of the Crucifixion of Jesus as a trophy of sorts. It was hailed as an historical victory. It was celebrated as a feather in the cap of those who claim credit for doing it. It was as if they were reading their own resume and had listed this as part of their job qualifications.

In addition to this, it was a threat, and not of the vague, difficult-to-prosecute-for-lack-of-clarity-type either. It was crystal clear, or better yet, ‘Kristal’ clear and those who said it were deadly serious, as events immediately afterwards proved…

..And of course, the icing on the cake is the fact that those who happened to be the ones wielding this loaded comment were not of the grubby, grimy Gentile variety who are blinded to what is the organic goodness of God’s favorite specimens…Not some backwards, illiterate, bigoted group of Muslims who were trying to whip up support for another pogrom against God’s finest artwork.

No, this time it came from within the ranks of the holy tribe itself. It was leaked by ‘inside sources close to the issue’, meaning from within a group of Orthodox Jews in Israel.

Can’t get any ‘closer to the issue’ than that now can we?

‘We killed Jesus, and we will kill you too!…They shouted it with neither shame nor regret at the human rights volunteers the week of November 20, 2006 in the West Bank town of Hebron. Gutsy, you might say? Well, not really. They knew there would be no hell to pay for doing it. That is a levy that the Gentiles alone pay. They know that their cousins in the Western media would make no mention of it, which they haven’t, and besides that, what’s to worry about anyway? America is fighting Israel’s wars for her, supplying her with armaments via the US Congress and lobbyists such as Jack Abramoff and the average Christian in America thinks that the Jews are the physical embodiment of God on earth. Besides, the Rapture is coming and so let the Jews say whatever they want.

So what is the protocol here? Do we call them ‘anti-Semites’ in the same way that non-Jews are called when they say the identical thing? Do we castigate them with that big, nebulous term that has absolutely no meaning when dealing with issues pertaining to today’s Jews from Eastern Europe since for the most part they haven’t as much as a drop of real ‘Semitic’ blood in them?

Why don’t we just call them what they called themselves when hurling bottles and rocks at the Christians and Muslims of Hebron, threatening to kill them in the same way their Pharisee forefathers killed their arch-enemy, Jesus Christ?

Let’s call a spade a spade and call them what they are. Christ Killers.

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2006 By Mark Glenn

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