Joe Sobran’s Mea Culpa–Too Little, Too Late

November 23, 2006

I can hear them now… ‘Great job, Joe, how did you EVER figure this out?’as well as

‘Congratulations Mr. Sobran. We sure are lucky to have someone like you on our side digging the truth up for us.’ And of course, lest we forget, ‘God Bless ya’ Joe, for having the guts to tell it like it is…’Yes, congratulations Mr. Sobran, you DID figure it all out and did so against all the odds. You cracked the code. You figured out that everything the Jewish-run media in America has been telling us–not just for the last 5 years, but for the last fifty–concerning the Muslims was all a big lie. You see the bigger picture now concerning Islam and how it has been falsely painted as a religion of ‘violence,’ ‘forced conversions’ and ‘oppression of women’ and all the rest of that BS by interested persons who have an agenda to push…All the business about how the Koran ‘says this’ and the Koran ‘says that’–you have managed to see through all the fog and figured out that these were all deliberate fabrications designed too fool the Christians of the West into going to war against Judaism’s enemies…

…and all it took for you to discover this was a mountain of death and suffering–250, 000 Palestinians, almost 2,000,000 Iraqis, (when we factor in what has taken place in the last 15 years) 3,000 American servicemen and women, tens of thousands in Lebanon and Afghanistan…a cauldron of misery for those who are left living…thousands of innocent men, women and children who have been maimed for life…large parts of the Middle East that have been turned into dead-man zones for billions of years because of the Depleted Uranium that has been used by America and Israel, not to mention the fact that the next phase of WWIII is right around the corner…

Yes, kudos Joe, just in the nick of time, as they say. Thanks for the ‘heads-up’.

You’ll pardon me for my sarcasm, but it is the closest thing to being polite that I can muster at this moment. The truth is I feel like screaming out loud, so I beg the reader to please cut me a little slack.

I suppose that I should be grateful for the fact that he won’t be writing any of his ‘Watch out for the big bad Muslims’ articles anymore as he has for the last 5 years, articles which have been nothing more than a re-vomited version of what the Jews have been shoving down our throats minute-by-minute in order to justify this present war that in truth is only in it embryonic stages. As a Christian I am taught to be thankful for the smallest things, to always look on the positive side, to see the glass as half full rather than half empty and to let bygones be bygones…

The fact of the matter though is that we shouldn’t be having this conversation right now. It’s like a doctor telling you that the reason you have been living in excruciating pain for the last 4 years is because he left his wristwatch in your gut when he opened you up to remove your appendix. There is a negligence associated with this that is way beyond a simple Freudian Slip or accidentally stepping on someone’s toes when walking by. I’m sorry, but ‘Sorry’ doesn’t cut it. It is too little and too late. What we are talking about here is–literally speaking–Armageddo n, and Joe Sobran (along with a number of others making up the ‘intelligentsia’ of the conservative Christian movement) have contributed to this situation immeasurably with the things they have written and said for the last 5 years concerning the religion of Islam and its adherents. As much as they may have been doing so with the best of intentions, nevertheless we should keep in mind that old saying by Shakespeare concerning the road to hell. At one time, doctors cured people by bleeding them with leeches and drilled holes in the heads of those who suffered from mental illnesses and did all of this with the best if intentions.

And just so that no one thinks I am picking only on poor ole’ Joe, let me say that he is certainly not alone. There are several other ‘great voices’ whoso word seems to be law on various topics and who should have their names added to the list that he is presently occupying, individuals who are writers, speakers, as well as virtually every ‘man of God’ with whom I have come into contact since this whole nightmare began some 5 years ago, whether they be Catholic priest and Protestant preacher.

Please don’t misunderstand me, I don’t expect Mr. Sobran or any of his colleagues to be saints, despite the fact that many treat them as such. I do not expect them to walk on water or to turn a few loaves and fishes into an American-style buffet…

But I do expect them to do their homework, particularly when it deals with important issues such as politics and war and death and suffering. Like any lawyer, I expect them to stay abreast of the latest legislation that has been passed that may effect me or those whom I love. Conversely, the fact that a law or axiom may have existed hundreds of years ago doesn’t mean that it isn’t subject to expiration or amendment today…

And as this situation pertains to the current goings on with the Muslims, what we have to keep in mind is that it is not the 7th century and things have changed. The West has not had to fight a substantive war with the Islamic world for over 300 years. Anyone who has studied recent history knows that the Islamic world has been in a period of protracted decline for centuries. At the beginning of the 20th century the Arab world was making overtures towards the Christian West that would have resulted in a very favorable relationship between the two worlds had the Jews not thrown a monkey wrench into it with their now-infamous theft of Palestine and subsequent history of genocide against the Palestinians, both Christian and Muslim.

And Joe (along with his colleagues) should have known this when September 11th took place and our Jewish-run media started screaming about ‘Islamic Extremism’. When Christianity’ s greatest enemy–meaning the Jewish agenda–began dangling this bait in front of our collective faces saying that this ‘clash of civilizations’ was due to the organic, irreconcilable differences between Christianity and Islam, Joe should have known better.

But he didn’t. Instead, he (along with many other men and women we trusted to sort out all the information for us) simply parroted the same line that was being screeched from every media outlet in the West and which has now put every man, woman and child on the planet in direct mortal danger.

Now, if he–meaning Mr. Joseph Sobran–instead of being the great thinker and writer he is known to be were instead only Joe ‘Six-Pack’ and just one of the rest of us who make up the unwashed and unenlightened, I wouldn’t be so, well, incensed, for lack of a better word. After all, dumb-asses in America are not just a dime-a dozen, they are flourishing like stink on a rotting corpse, along with the legendary ignorant and unfounded opinions that they entertain. You can expect to hear from them the kind of nonsense that has been used to fuel the flames of this present war taking place in the land made holy by the life, death and resurrection of this man named Jesus of Nazareth. You can expect to hear them parroting the kind of anti-Islamic propaganda that comes either from the ‘right’ side of the political spectrum (meaning from anti-Semitic bigots such as Limbaugh, Oreilly and Hannity) or from the anti-Semitic bigots on the left such as Maher, Dershowitz, and Stern. Yes, that’s right, as a matter of fact I DID say ‘anti-Semitic’ , since the Arabs are the only true Semites in the world today, a little factoid that we probably should have heard from the likes of Joe and the rest of the gang but did not, but which we will get into at a later time.

But that isn’t what Joe is, or at least not what he is expected to be. He is the ‘brains’ of the operation, he and the rest of those who bring us information and the analysis that comes with it. He makes his living off of crawling into people’s minds with the written word and saying in effect “Here is the way I see it, and so should you’, and has been doing it for many, many years. The rest of us who work regular 9-5 jobs don’t have the time to spend all day scouring newspapers and political commentary in order to form valid, erudite opinions on all of it, and so we pay Mr. Sobran and others to do it for us.

And now he comes to us, seemingly with hat in hand and with something of a sheepish look on his face saying, ‘Forgive me, gentle readers, I was wrong’.

Don’t misunderstand me. I am not the type to squash a person when he admits his or her mistake. It takes a ‘big man’ to confess his error, as the saying goes, and this having been said, I am certainly not one to gloat or to throw a person’s genuine sense of regret back in his or her face.

It’s just that his ‘mea culpa’ is so typically American. It’s so half-hearted and half-assed that I can’t take it seriously. The two articles he recently wrote dealing with the Muslim issue (that are in my opinion a pathetic attempt at undoing all the damage he has wrought in the past 5 years) are tantamount to throwing a quarter at someone you have just run over with your car. As much as Mr. Sobran likes to comment on the manner by which Americans are easily fooled by the crocodile tears that defendants produce when they are put on the stand (for the purpose of receiving a lighter sentence) he certainly appears to be making good use of this tactic as well. And if it were something less serious, for example were he to say embarrassingly, ‘I voted for Bush-senior decades ago’ I could easily let that go. Were the situation not as stark or as dramatic as it is now, I might not be so hot under the collar …

…but when people are dying by the hundreds of thousands and when every one of our liberties are being ripped to shreds before our eyes, I would expect that those whom we have hired to figure it all out are paying better attention.

Now, I can hear those out there, including Mr. Sobran himself saying ‘Well, what were we supposed to do? What more did you expect from us?’ and it is at this juncture that I am the most uncomfortable. As much as it may surprise the reader, I get no pleasure in tearing people down, and as much as I hate tearing others down, I hate building myself up, if for no other reason than that ‘pride precedeth the fall’. Nevertheless, here it goes–

What were you supposed to do Joe? Simple. You were supposed to be as ‘wise as serpents,’ just as Jesus commanded us to be when dealing with His enemies, who at that time (just like today) were the Jews. You were supposed to be smart enough not to take the bait and not to fall for all the traps that had been laid for us, an unsuspecting populace of sheep. Remember all that stuff Jesus said about His enemies–the Rabbis–being ‘Children of the Devil’ who are out to do the will of their father who was a liar and a murderer?

Nothing that they say can be believed, and yet you and the rest of our generals believed what it was that they were saying about Islam and its adherents. By doing this you have assisted them in the agenda of wiping out Judaism’s only remaining enemies in the world, meaning the Muslims. If you were the watchman on the wall you are billed as being, you would have seen that this whole ‘Here come the big, bad Muslims’ thing was a Trojan Horse, if not immediately then at sometime shortly thereafter. 5 years??? This is how long it takes for you to realize that you (as well as the rest of us) were snookered? It took me 5 minutes to smell a rat. 5 minutes. It took me spending about an hour reading the Koran to know that all that was being said about the religion of Islam was a lie, and I am sure I don’t have nearly the amount of resources that you do in finding relevant information. The fact that there may have been Christian writers who have said ‘this’ or ‘that’ about Islam in the past meant nothing to me, and Mr. Sobran’s excuse that he was relying on such opinions should be viewed circumspectly as well.. At one time the Christian world believed that the earth was flat, and I know of one Christian writer–a canonized saint, no less–who once wrote that a person would take on the physical and behavioral attributes of the kind of animal that he or she ate. Therefore, I think that we can safely dismiss the idea that what may have been written about the Muslims in centuries past comes from sources we can consider infallible.

In addition to this, there is another side of the coin to consider as well. The alliance between the Christian and Muslim worlds against this common foe known as Judaism is (or at least was) to a certain extent an inevitability, and the Jews knew this all too well, which was why getting this ‘clash of civilizations’ going was so important to their agenda. Think of what could be done for humanity by such a congress of Christians and Muslims taking place. It should be obvious by now to anyone paying attention that the Muslims will not bow down before the Rabbis and to their agenda of cultural rot that has destroyed the Christian world–meaning crime, economic exploitation, abortion, moral relativism and pornography. So, not only did we see Mr. Sobran and the rest of the generals shoot down an innocent person, they shot someone who would have been an indispensable ally in this mortal fight for the salvation of what has now replaced the Islamic world as ‘the sick man’, meaning the Christian West.

‘Better late than never,’ they say, but I am sorry, I cannot rest with this, not the least of which because I am privy to info that others listening to this rant are not. You see, I was there. I witnessed first-hand the circumstances that led to Joe’s ‘conversion’ from an anti-Islamic bigot to an ‘enlightened’ friend of the Muslims. I was at the conference in Washington DC where he gave that dreadful speech for over half an hour and wherein he delivered one-liner after one-liner about how awful the Muslims were while saying scant about Christianity’ s real enemies, meaning the Jews. Not only where the things he was saying about Islam 100% factually wrong, they were crass and insensitive, such as ‘Did you hear about the Muslim comedian who went to New York?…He bombed.’Here was Christian compassion and enlightenment on parade. All the innocent people who have had their lives destroyed by the Jewish/American alliance, all the suffering of innocent people and here he was making jokes about it. The silence in the room was encouraging, as I could see that others were as offended as I was.

And then afterwards, when my good friend–a Muslim–confronted Mr. Sobran and tried to explain to him in a calm, rational manner that the things he was saying about the Islamic religion were wrong I watched in amazement as Mr. Sobran slumped down into a chair and fainted.

But in all honesty I do not think that the efforts of reasoning with Mr. Sobran by my Muslim friend was the bolt of lightening that knocked Joe on his rear end and brought him to his senses. I do not believe that the things my good friend Hesham Tillawi was saying to him concerning how the Muslims view Jesus and Mary and Christians in the most favorable light were things that he was hearing for the first time. I have to assume–based upon Mr. Sobran’s very public profile and the fact that he most likely has a large list of people from whom he receives correspondence that he has heard much of this material before.

No, sadly, I think that what caused this conversion on the part of Mr. Sobran was the fact that he got some bad press from all of it. With each one-liner, the applause was getting more and more anemic. The more he talked, the less the audience was listening. After a few minutes into it his shtick, people were carrying on conversations. It is likely that had he made the same remarks a few years ago before the people at the Barnes Review Conference he might have gotten a few more laughs. What we have to keep in mind though is that these people were not the ordinary, brainwashed poodles that typify the American landscape, these were hardened veterins who had trained under the likes of Willis Carto, Michael Collins Piper and a few others who do not allow their flock to be so easily fooled. Either way, the truth was that it was not the Muslim comedian who bombed in New York, but rather the Christian one in DC and Mr. Sobran knew it.

Now, as much as all of this appears to be me tearing Joe and the rest of his colleagues to pieces for the sheer fun of it, it is not. I am not just a Christian, but like him, I am a Catholic, and not just an ordinary, run-of-the-mill- Catholic, but of the Traditionalist, Sedevacant variety, so my critics can dismiss any notions that I am doing this purely out of some kind of anti-Christian agenda.

So what is it then that I hope to accomplish with this little turning-over- of-the tables? Simple. To awaken my co-religionists to the fact that the hour is late and they are way off course. They have been following men like Mr. Sobran (as well as many others) out into the desert where there is neither food nor water and plenty of dangers, when all along they should have been going towards that Oasis where they could have found food and shelter and allies with whom they could join in common cause, meaning those in the Islamic world.

Yes, I can hear it now: ‘But, but , but, they’re, Mmmmmmmm-Muslims’ .

Yes, that’s right, they are Muslims. Guess what? They are also human beings and have just as much a right to compassion and to justice as Christians do. Yes, I realize that this may be a revolutionary concept, but Christians don’t own the market on these commodities. Remember that parable that Christ gave us to consider about the Good Samaritan?

But it is not too late. God performs miracles and perhaps if we Christians get our heads out of our rear ends soon enough He will reward us. After all, let us consider that of all the places where the mother of Christ could have appeared at the beginning of the last century to warn humanity about the impending danger of what we now call the Jewish agenda, she chose the small village of Fatimah which just so happens to be the name of the daughter of Mohammed, the one founder of the religion of Islam. And for those out there who think that this was merely a coincidence, well, come and see me later as I have some oceanfront property in Arizona to sell you at a bargain price.

Now, I am sure that there will be those who–when confronted with the prospect of ‘breaking bread’ with the Muslims will say in the typically bigoted, defiant manner that has come to exemplify many ‘Christians’ in the West today–‘Hell no, we won’t go!’ and will by default wind up breaking bread with the Jews. What can be said about these people? They are swine before whom pearls should not be cast…

…For those though who have ears to hear and eyes to see however, I have one simple thing to say, which is ‘What’s that? You want to know more about these people known as the Muslims and how we have been deceived about them? Funny you should mention that, I have some pertinent information that may interest you.’

2006 by Mark Glenn crescentandcross@gmail.com

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