The Real George W

February 20, 2007

My, my, they certainly are scraping from the bottom of the barrel these days in terms of recruitment, or at least they must be, given what passes for their membership these days. Once an organization that was looking for a ‘few good men’, now apparently they will accept just about anyone into their ranks, including mass-murderers and would-be sodomizing rapists.

No, I am not talking about the Marines or some other branch of the US Armed Forces, although they certainly are not exempt either, as they are now accepting felons and gangbangers into their ranks in order to fill their quotas of fresh fodder for the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan.

No, the curious creature in question here is that group lecturing us regularly on things such as ‘family values’ while at the same time it throws all its weight behind the destruction of hundreds of thousands of families in the Middle East…The one that decries the slaughter of the unborn in America but with equal vehemence praises the slaughter of the born (and unborn) in places such as Iraq, Afghanistan and Lebanon. The one that affects a look of moral outrage over the degradation of women in what has become ‘the business of America’–meaning pornography, but which opens the floodgates of this vile medium into the Muslim world so that it can destroy the moral fiber of their people in the same way that it has destroyed ours…

…Who? Well, who else? The so called ‘Moral Majority’ whose members loudly and proudly fashion themselves as being not only ‘conservative’ Christian in their orientation, but the ultra-oxymoronic description of ‘Zionist’ Christian as well.

It has been a rough couple-of-recent-years for them, to say the least…It is a hard road to hoe, trying to stay atop your moral soapbox when various members of your congregation (whether preachers or elected members of congress) have been caught in sex scandals and your biggest radio loudmouth is a confessed but as-of-yet unconvicted drug felon, not to mention the reputed child-porn ring operating at the highest levels of the current ‘conservative’ US government…

…and then, this, the recent coverage in the Jewish press of ‘borned-ag’n Christian’ George W Bush being quoted something to the effect that when ‘he got his hands on Bin Laden’ he was going to, express his manly affections for him in a manner that was violent, forced, unnatural and not very hygienic.

What’s that you say, my fellow conservative, Bible-believing Christians?…‘Don’t gloat?…Where’s my loyalty?’

Well, pardon me for being so ‘rough’ and indelicate with my language, fellow lovers-of-Christian righteousness, but SCREW YOU. You and your organizations that support GWB and the Jewish terrorists who give him his marching orders are as much ‘conservative’, ‘bible-believing’ and ‘Christian’ as Anna Nicole Smith was the Virgin Mary. The fact that you find yourself in the ‘embarrassing position’ of having to defend your boy George W’s fantacizing out loud in the presence of Ariel ‘Jabba the Hut’ Sharon about what was going to be his future engagement with Osama Bin Laden’s derriere is your own damned fault. You should have known better. Everything about this man screams ‘anti-Christ’ and yet you–despite your impressive business of puffing yourselves up and patting yourselves on the back for not being so easily duped–fell for his act.

You mean it took THIS to make you open your eyes to the fact that he–George W Bush was not all he was ‘cracked up to be’? (Pun clearly intended)

Don’t act so shocked, ‘Christian’ America…Not now and not ever…Your affected outrage merely adds to what has become the already (and ever-increasing) unattractive appearance on your part. Where was your outrage when Bush and Co sent back to Israel the hundred or more spies who were directly involved with the events of September 11 that resulted in the deaths of over 3,000 of your fellow Americans, or the groups of spies who were deported back to Israel after they were caught planning additional attacks? Where was your moral indignation when it was learned that innocent men, women and children were being tortured, raped and sodomized in the Abu Ghraib prison facility? What about the deaths of almost 1,000,000 civilians in Iraq since this latest bloodbath began, or the fact that it is now beyond dispute that King George lied in order to justify sending our sons and daughters off to fight and die for the benefit of the worst enemy America has ever had, Israel?

Turn off the pump supplying the crocodile tears, fellow conservative Christians…With each tear drop, more of the make-up wears away, revealing just how ugly you truly have become. You now can boast of your fellowship with those who are worshippers of the beast, you and all your false prophets–Hagee, Robertson, Falwell, Limbaugh, Hannity, O’Reilly et al. Might as well face it. All the things that your Jesus of Nazareth warned and fought against–namely the evil agenda of the Pharisees–you have now embraced, and not merely content with maintaining a discreet relationship with your favorite Jewish mistress, now you perform your adultery publicly in what has become a disgusting act of spiritual pornography…

It only seems fitting, does it not? By all appearances the short story (relatively speaking) of America will be bracketed with 2 ‘George W’s’–the first being Washington and the last being Bush. Almost prophetic in a way, if you think about it. The first–an honorable man who served as Commander-in-Chief for the Continental Army for 7 years without pay when America was fighting for her independence and who refused to be made king when it was offered to him. As General of the American Army Washington forbade the men under his command from even cursing, lest they alienate–or worse, infuriate–the God whose divine assistance was so necessary if America were to emerge victorious…The George W who once remarked that

“The Jews work more effectively against us than the enemy’s armies. They are a hundred times more dangerous to our liberties and the great cause we are engaged in…It is much to be lamented that each state, long ago, has not hunted them down as pests to society and the greatest enemies we have to the happiness of America…”

…Contrasted with the current George W who calls mass murderer and war criminal Ariel Sharon a ‘man of peace’, who has done more to put Americans in real direct danger than Benedict Arnold ever could, and who–after beginning a concerted study of the vile, vulgar, vindictive Jewish Book of Hate, the Talmud–travels to anti-Christ Israel at the expense of American taxpayers (predominately Christian) dons a little skullcap, visits the wailing wall where he begs the god of the Jews to grant him his wishes, and who one day will be counted amongst the most vile, bloodthirsty traitors that America has ever had.

2007 Mark Glenn

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