Those Who Continue to Lecture Us–Pt II

April 20, 2007

Well, one would think that after having their vulgar, violent, vindictive behavior exposed a few days ago in my most recent piece that it might raise some sense of shame in these people who are constantly lecturing the rest of us on ‘moral’ themes such as hate, bigotry, racism, etc, etc, etc. Well, that might be the case when dealing with someone from any other faith or culture, but not when it comes to these folks. After all, keep in mind that these are God’s chosen people and therefore they don’t have to answer or apologize for anything.


Here is a smattering of the material I have received from a few of our ‘better’ brethren from amongst ‘the chosen’ just in the last day. The reader will note that (not only have they included me in their hissing and spitting) but have included my daughter and other children as well. I apologize to the readers for the graphic nature of what appears here, but in the end it is for our own good.


From ‘Bacon Eating Atheist Jew’ whose vulgar site can be found on the net at and whose email address is either or beaj666@gmail


‘Such a sad bitch, your daughter. You should be in jail for child abuse. The overwhelming consensus is that you are human feces. Nothing more, nothing less. You are representative of 100’s of years of inbreeding. Eat shit and die. you should put a gun to your head and pull the trigger. You should leave your kids and give them a chance. You are no better than a child molester. You must be mentally ill. You must love being humiliated or something. Go kill yourself and save your children if it isn’t too late.


‘Avenger’ (, IP: has the following to say–

‘daddy is doing you right now Neo-nazi filth?’



‘Renegade’ (, IP: has the following to say–

‘So, how long have you been screwing your daughter? Any bastards yet?’



And, once again from ‘Avenger’ (–IP: we have the following–

‘You nazi cocksuckers need to fuck each other up your collective asses, pronto.



There is more folks, lots more, but the rest of it I am going to have to keep off the net for now since I am fairly sure that some laws were broken and am going to be taking it to the FBI.


And, once again ladies and gentlemen, it is these types of people who lecture us on a daily basis about right and wrong. These are the people who are working like an army of termites, gnawing away at our western Christian culture with every legal (and illegal) method they have at their disposal. These are the people who want us disarmed and gagged from freely speaking our minds. These are the ones who are shooting bullets into–not only mosques–but into Arab Christian churches in America and who deliberately lie about those living in the middle east in order to fool Americans into fighting these Jewish wars. These are the ones responsible for America being at war in Iraq, Afghanistan and wherever tomorrow. It is because of these people that we lost 3,000 citizens on 9/11. These people murdered an American President named John F Kennedy because he refused to allow their precious gangster state to acquire the atomic bomb. They murdered his brother because they feared he would follow in his footsteps. These are the animals who murdered 34 American servicemen aboard the USS Liberty nearly 40 years ago in an attempt to drag America into Israel’s war against the Arabs. They shove violence, corruption and every other imaginable filth down our throats to the point that our kids don’t know right from wrong and then wind up going to school one day with a gun and blowing people away en mass. They mock every value we have as a free country based upon Christian principles and have corrupted every institution–political and cultural–that exists.


At what point are the American people going to say enough and take back their children, their homes, their communities and their country? We have allowed these animals to live amongst us, preying on our good will and prosperity. At the very least they should be in prison, and at the very worst, much more.


2007 Mark Glenn

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