A Dieu, Cherie–The Waning Days of The French Connection

May 28, 2007

Scare Bleu! Who is that chic, handsome devil on Darryl Bradford Smith’s ‘The French Connection’ website with a slightly sinister smile on his bearded, olive complexioned, semitic-looking face as if he were up to no-good? Why, C’est moi, as the French are fond for saying and the latest installment from the Three Amigos, meaning Darryl Bradford Smith, Eric Huffschmidt and Christopher Bollyn in their earth-shattering expose of Zionist intrigue and how I am a Zionist operative out to fool an unsuspecting mass of well-intentioned people who are looking for the truth.

Now, lest the reader actually make the mistake of thinking that I care so much about what these three characters spend their free time doing, be rest assured that my becoming aware of the photo of my mug on their website and the barrage of lies associated with it was purely innocent. Since I became aware of these three lunatics less than a year ago, I have spent a grand total of about 90 seconds studying their material and the accompanying analysis. The fact that they would charge me with keeping company with people responsible for murdering millions of innocent people in the Middle East (including members of my own distant family in Lebanon) as well as the accusation that I associate with White Supremacist groups was enough to convince me that they either had a problem with controlled substances or that they were simply malicious and up to no good.

The manner by which I came across it was when checking the stats on my own website, and found that ‘iamthewitness.com’–the website of the infamous French Connection–had linked to mine. Looking it up, there I was, the Tom Cruise look-alike (hah!) and a link to my most recent piece for American Free Press, which the Three Amigos have charged as being a Zionist-infiltrated organization.

Now, with the state of the world being such a disaster as it is these days, I will not bore the reader with an extended discussion of the type of institutionalized lunacy that has gripped the Quixote trio. There are too many real problems and too much genuine suffering attached to these problems to waste time dealing with such trivial matters as these. What I will say though is this–we have before us now yet more proof of the fact that these three characters are liars. No, not just for what they have said about me, Mike Piper, Willis Carto, Christopher Petherick and the rest of the crew at American Free Press, etc, but rather in the numbers.

We have heard on a regular basis from this outfit that they are leading the charge in the fight against Zionist intrigue and that people are flocking to their side by the thousands and tens of thousands everyday. They claim that by their fearless efforts people are being converted and turning from the dark side to the light to the point that the website is about to crash and that they are going broke keeping up with all the internet fees.

Well folks, just so that you know, the most recent Podcast featuring Darryl Bradford Smith–the ‘Michael Savage’ of the anti-Zionist movement as a regular host–in which (I assume by what he had featured on the page) explores my role as an undercover Zionist agent trying to distract and confuse the masses, managed to divert a total of 42 people to my website over the course of 3 days.

42 people…This is the ‘Tidal Wave’ of their ever-growing horde of supporters who have seen the light of their wisdom and ‘who won’t get fooled again’. Not to blow my own horn, I generally get between 10-15,000 hits on my website whenever I write a new piece for AFP.

And, once again folks, Darryl, Eric and Christopher (who once lived on an Israeli Kibbutz and was married to a Zionist whom he claimed worked for Israeli intelligence) have stepped in it again and are leaving their unmistakable, dirty footprints everywhere they go, and they are doing so without any help from us.

I guess the counter-claim that they will make in response to this latest revelation is that I had LAKAM–the scientific wing of Mossad–hack into the ‘statistics’ section of my own website and fudge the numbers so that it would appear that there were only 42 hits and thus embarrass the 3 Paul Reveres of internet Podcasts.

Whatever will be said, what should be kept in mind is that this is (sadly, I might add) one of the indicators that the end is near for the Three Musketeers. I say ‘sadly’ because all three of these guys could have been a genuine force for good had they just decided to accept the fact that they were not destined to be generals but rather foot soldiers, like the rest of us. Had they just kept their mouths shut, focused their guns on the real enemy, instead of shooting their fellow comrades in the back, they might have done some good. Now however, with the recent revelations that Huffschmidt is Jewish and related to Rupert Murdoch by marriage, with Bollyn possibly going to prison and with Darryl supposedly sick with some sort of liver ailment, it is safe to say that indeed twilight is upon them and their tsunami-of-a-truth-movement found at iamthewitness.com. The smart money says that they and their efforts will be remembered as one of those embarrassing moments within this history of our great movement when avarice and paranoia mixed together in a strange sort of synchronicity to produce this thing known as ‘La Connection Francaise’, and thus, in the spirit of circumstances such as these, all that we can say when watching them pass quietly into the night is, ‘A Dieu, cherie’.

2007 Mark Glenn, Coorespondent, American Free Press Newspaper



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