Wolves In Sheep’s Clothing–Darryl Bradford Smith’s Talmudic and Zionist View of Jesus

June 2, 2007

Since having gotten involved in this business of the Middle East conflict (as well as all the other social and cultural problems that we are facing in the West today stemming from Zionist treachery) I have run into hateful statements from Jews who feel it no longer necessary to hide their feelings concerning this man named Jesus and His message. Recently I was sent an email from a ‘nice Jewish boy’ who had the following to say about the man who preached justice, compassion, humility, submission before God and service to fellow man. I apologize ahead of time to the reader for the language.

‘I don’t believe in your PUSSY ON A CROSS GOD…Any fool can believe in a god, and fools like you are soon worm dirt. As for your Christ on the cross, he was a fag with a foot fetish, and your god can suck me. It is time to FLUSH…’

There was more to it of an equally-venomous composition, but I will spare the reader.

Shocking, yes, but should we be in the least bit surprised? After all, ‘they’ do not need to hide such feelings anymore. ‘They’ have all the guns, whether such guns are political, legal, financial or whatnot. ‘They’ have grabbed the most powerful nation in the world by the throat and are able to make it dance like a marionette without a will of its own, and therefore these folks are not as worried as they once were about any bad PR coming from exposing the inner workings of the Beast–meaning the Babylonian Talmud–and all its sentiments concerning–not only Judaism’s organic hatred of Gentiles, but as well its statements concerning Jesus, His holy mother Mary and His followers. Besides gloating over Jesus’ death, I have personally run into Jews who say that He was gay, that He had an incestuous relationship with his mother, that He ‘got what he deserved’ and many, many others statements that would (and indeed should) outrage any Christian or Muslim who holds Jesus in the high esteem that is deserving of who He was and is.

Now, I have run into something equally vicious in its content, both towards the recipient of the email (typical amongst Zionists who cannot express themselves intelligently but who must resort to ugly, vulgar and vindictive language in trying to make their point) as well as to persona of Jesus Christ. The reader will note the common mood in both the emails, although they were–presumably–written by two different authors. I say ‘presumably’ because of the ease with which people can hide their identities online with fake names and email addresses. Again, I apologize ahead of time for the graphic language–

‘Go fuck yourself and all that think like you! Do not write me any more you asshole!!!!!! Bite me! Eat shit and die!!! Or fuck off !! Jesus should have been a victim of abortion!!!’

As I said, assuming that the writers of both these emails are different, nevertheless the two individuals are basically birds of a feather with regards to their sentiments and delivery. They both lash out at others whose opinions they find intolerable and both express themselves with vulgarity and viciousness as if they were addicts of violent pornography.

However, what makes the 2nd email pertinent is the fact that it did not come from the now-typical anti-Christian, anti-Muslim, Jewish-supremacist bigot who is a slave to the idol worship of Zionism, nor from some self-absorbed, dangerous settler living in the West Bank who has made the study of the Talmud his life’s work…

Rather it comes from an individual who has ostensibly made speaking out against Zionism his raison d’etre, who claims that everyone and his brother is an under-cover Zionist trying to fool the unsuspecting masses, and his name is none other than Darryl Bradford Smith of ‘I am the witness’ fame.

Now I realize that the reader is probably sick-to-death of hearing about this business involving Smith and the two pimples on his derriere–Huffschmidt and Bollyn–and I recognize that there are bigger fish to fry these days, but what must be remembered is that we are involved in the fight of our lives and therefore all threats need to be taken seriously. The body of mankind has been invaded by a dangerous, deadly virus and right now the last thing we can afford to have happen is for any of us ‘white blood cells’ to be tricked by other viruses dressed in white-blood-cell-clothing. Lest we forget, we were warned by none other than Jesus himself that there would come a time in the future when evil would be so prevalent that you could slice it with a knife and that false prophets would come to lead people astray. He went further by saying that He sends His followers out as ‘sheep amongst wolves’, warning us to be careful that we are not deceived.

And now it is obvious that we have a new wolf among us pretending to be a sheep. Of course, the signs have been there all along, but for the most part these signs merely suggested that Smith and his 2 cohorts suffered from personality disorders rooted in delusions of grandeur and paranoia. With Smith’s latest verbal defecation however, what we see is that the problem goes much deeper than one of a simple schoolyard bully who thinks that the playground and all its toys are his domain.

In addition to the recent revelations by Christopher Bollyn that Eric Huffschmidt is Jewish and related to ultra-Zionist neo-con Rupert Murdoch by marriage, that Bollyn himself lived in a communist enclave in Israel and was married to a woman whom he claimed was working for Israeli intelligence, we now have an additional piece of the puzzle indicating that the entire ‘I Am the Witness’ operation is an intel-op designed to sow dissention within the anti-Zionist movement and to lead people’s energies and resources off into a direction where they pose no threat to the overall agenda.

The latest revelation is one that (like all great discoveries that have benefited mankind in the past) came by accident in an email exchange between Smith and one of his followers. This individual (who shall remain anonymous at this moment) was, up until this point a faithful devotee and was questioning some of the seemingly irrational, baseless and contradictory accusations that Smith was making about other individuals within the truth movement whom she knew to be genuine. As is typical with all cult leaders, free thought and free inquiry are intolerable vices and something for which Smith obviously has no patience, as evidenced by the tone of his podcasts and website with the now infamous ‘YOU ARE EITHER WITH US OR AGAINST US’ and ‘EITHER JOIN WITH US OR BE COUNTED AS OUR ENEMIES’ statements. When the former follower refused to relent with her questioning, Smith let loose with the aforementioned barrage of graphic and vulgar insults.

Just to make sure that all the i’s were dotted and t’s crossed, I contacted Smith personally and enquired as to the veracity of this charge. His response was of the typically-Jewish variety, meaning haughty, unrepentant, and expressed in the form of a one-sentence, smart-alek, non-answer-of-an-answer. When I let him know that I planned on writing something about it, his response was to the effect of ‘Print whatever you want’. Again, in the interest of affording him the opportunity of refuting his statement or at least explaining it contextually (how one could do that, given its nature is beyond me) I again contacted him with other questions, and, again, his response was to ‘Go ahead with it’, adding that he didn’t want ‘religious assholes’ around him anyway. Finally, in the same brave, fearless, manly fashion that Smith constantly claims is his calling card as an anti-NWO, anti-Zionist freedom-fighter he threatened to sue me if I breathed a word about the incident.

It is fairly well-known that Smith–sadly–suffers from alcoholism, and if other reports are true he is also presently suffering from serious liver problems that may be terminal in nature. This being said, it is easy to chalk this latest incident up to the fact that as a result of his sickness he may not be of ‘perfectly sound mind’. We should all certainly hope that this is the case, for the good of his own immortal soul.

Nevertheless, we also have to pay heed to the words of Jesus himself who–when dealing with the viciousness of His own Jewish-supremacist enemies–said that ‘Out of the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks’. Whether Smith nurses an organic, visceral hatred of Jesus (to the point where he believes the world would be better off had Jesus been cut to pieces in utero rather than cut to pieces by his Jewish supremacist enemies 33 years later) or whether it is the booze talking, the fact is that the diagnosis his words provide indicate he is one sick puppy and perhaps should be avoided at all costs.

Personally, if someone accused me of saying something as horrendous as ‘Jesus should have been aborted’ I would be horrified beyond words and would not rest until I had done all that I could in refuting it. In my opinion there is nothing more horrible or evil that could be said than this. It is something straight out of the Talmud itself, the same Talmud responsible for bringing forth the vicious creature known as Communism responsible for butchering hundreds of millions of people in the last century, the same Talmud that has spawned Zionism that has butchered millions of innocent Muslim and Christian Arabs and which has plunged humanity into the war to end all wars, and yes, the same Talmud Smith and the rest of his entourage pretend to oppose with their website and pod cast.

Is Smith a closet Talmudist who is working in the service of the Zionist agenda? Only time and circumstances will tell. What must be remembered though are the following established facts–

1. He is joined at the hip with a known Jew who in the initial days following 9/11 conspicuously avoided mentioning Israel’s role…

2. He works closely with another individual who lived in Israel and was married to a Zionist Jewess whom he himself has claimed worked for Mossad…

3. He has spent the last year dividing the anti-Zionist movement, casting slurs and suspicion upon everyone who has been working assiduously to expose the inner-workings of what is taking place, and now-

4. He has spoken the language of the Pharisees themselves in saying that Jesus should have been murdered. At the very least, what we can glean from his statement is that he–like the Jewish supremacists who are out to destroy the world today with their poison–revels in the hateful, ignominious end that Jesus endured.

Jesus warnings were clear–that we were not be fooled by ‘men who dress themselves in sheep’s clothing but who inside are ravenous wolves…By their fruits you shall know them.’ By his recent statement and refused denial of same, Darryl Bradford Smith has now revealed himself for what he truly is–an under-cover follower of Talmudic thinking, despite whatever flowery, patriotic and high-sounding words he may offer in the meantime. People of good will who are interested in knowing the truth about what the REAL reasons are for all the chaos that has descended upon the world would be best served to avoid Smith and his operations as if collectively they were a colony of lepers. The fact that he would make such a statement betrays the fact that he does not understand the true gravity of what is taking place in the world today with regards to the battle between the philosophies of Christ and AntiChrist.

In the best of circumstances, he is a madman who does not understand the gravity of his words nor the diabolic sentiments that fuel them…

In the worst of circumstances, he is an enemy who is bent upon the destruction of all that we hold dear.

2007 by Mark Glenn, correspondent, American Free Press Newspaper



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