Two Masters

November 11, 2007

The truth is, as much as I knew it was for his own good, I hated seeing the look on his face…It was a mixture of many emotions on his part, and none of them positive–shock, confusion, sadness, bewilderment, worry, a little bit of anger, but not too much…

He was trying to make some kind of sense of it all, the fact that the ‘Reverend’ Pat Robertson–one of his heroes–had just recently given his personal endorsement to Rudy Giuliani’s presidential campaign, something that was obviously a kick in the gut to him personally. Having been to my friend’s house many times I knew from experience that he hung on every word that Robertson and his colleagues–Falwell, Hagee, et al–said without question. Their word was as good as gold or even–more to the point–good as God. On nearly every occasion I can remember being over there, he had one of these faith-based programs on the TV, squawking every waking moment as if it were music from heaven itself. Sometimes I would have to wait 10-15 minutes for whatever was taking place on that program to finish before my older friend would pay me any mind. He seemed to think that somehow by having it on, whether he or anyone else in the house was watching or not, somehow it brought God into the home and made it more of a holy, Christian place.

I never said anything about my personal feelings for these guys, for no other reason than that I knew it wouldn’t do any good. My friend, well-intentioned as he was, nevertheless was under their spell and it was obvious from the few things he said that this spell was not about to be broken anytime soon by any well-reasoned arguments on my part.

I was always sickened by them, the various con men. Sometimes I would sit there and silently watch them, their performances and their shticks, hollering and yelling, sometimes at the top of their lungs and making a mockery of what should be the decency of Jesus’ teachings. I once watched Benny Hinn (in what had to have been a ridiculously-expensive white suit and rings of enormous size on every one of his fingers) as he was ‘healing’ some old gal by taking the Holy Spirit and throwing it at her like it was a baseball and he a big-league pitcher. She fell down backwards and was carted off the stage, ‘healed’…

There were many other such instances I saw on his TV that caused a lot of embarrassment to me, since I am a Christian as well but which (no doubt as a defense mechanism) I have forgotten.

My friend John believed all of it, however. He never doubted that any of it was 110% true. Whether it was Hagee, Falwell, LaHaye, Parsley, Olstein or the one gal with eyelashes as big as the moustache on Groucho Marx, he swallowed every word they said as if it were the infamous water-turned-to-wine at the wedding feast of Cana…

…and particularly when it dealt with Israel, the ‘war on terror,’ Islam, Armageddon, the Rapture or whatnot. During times where one of these topics popped up, he would step out of his normally-sedate character momentarily and get really animated, mimicking the hand gestures and catch phrases he had learned from the pros while watching their programs.

He was in love with the whole Armageddon thing and the fact that there was death and horrible suffering attached to it for others meant nothing. He reminded me of the time when the movie Star Wars had first come out and some of the kids who had gone overboard on it. They were completely drawn into the lore of the film, had book bags and lunch boxes with characters drawn on them and instead of paying attention in class would stencil pictures all day long of Darth Vader, X-Wing fighters and the Death Star.

Unfortunately, John was like that as well when it came to the whole ‘end times’ business. He looked forward to it, the fantasy of the script of it al that he had memorized from the ‘Left Behind’ books and films, and his enthusiasm for it was not unlike the way a baseball fan looks forward to attending the World Series at the end of the season.

Today, however, running into him at the gas station up the road, it was obvious he was going through a serious crisis of faith. I had not seen him in this kind of mood before. In the past when there were times that some bad news had erupted that cast George Bush’s war in a bad light, he would usually be able to spin it in some way that turned it on its ear. He denied that Abu Ghraib was real, saying that the liberal media had made it up. Dittos with Iraq’s WMD’s that were never found–they WERE found, it’s just that a cover-up was taking place, orchestrated by the Democrats and the ‘Moozlims.’

Today was different though, because he had heard it right from the mouth of the horse’s ass himself, meaning Pat Robertson. There could be no claiming that this was a media lie, because earlier in the day, there was Robertson, big as life, as always, announcing it to the world.

‘You hear about Robertson endorsing Giuliani?’ he asked me, with hands in his front pants pockets. I just nodded my head and bit my tongue to prevent my launching into a big hairy discussion in front of the regular unleaded. As I nodded my head, he looked down, shook his head in disgust and lightly kicked a few stones at his feet.

Seeing him there as he came to grips with the ugly truth was like watching myself many years ago as I personally came to the same conclusions. When I first came to understand what was happening to America, I flocked to all the same watering holes that John did, the Limbaughs, Robertsons, etc. Later, finding out that they were nothing more than the same false prophets and wolves in sheep’s clothing that Jesus warned about was a hard pill to swallow. Now, it was like watching an addict as they begin the process of drying out and begin to show signs of withdrawal. They are uncomfortable, fidgety, nervous, etc, and despite the fact that you know it is for their own good, nevertheless simple human compassion demands that you feel for them to some degree.

On a personal level, I understood his feelings all too well…Here was Pat Robertson–as I said, one of his heroes–endorsing Rudy Giuliani, the guy who had been married 3 times (once to his own cousin), had an extra-marital affair, once dressed up like a woman and marched in the Gay Pride parade in New York City, supported gun control, the militant gay agenda, abortion, you name it. If it was something conservative Christians were against, Giuliani was for it and without apologies. The only substantive difference between a guy like Rudy Giuliani and Bill Clinton is that one was named Rudy Giuliani and the other one was named Bill Clinton.

I told my friend John a few weeks earlier that Giuliani was going to be the one getting the nomination from the Grand Old Party and would probably be elected president as well. I also predicted that at least a few of the leaders from the ‘Religious Right’ would come out and stand by him rather than a man like Ron Paul, a genuine conservative Christian and would use as their excuse for doing so the old tried-and-true line ‘anybody, even Giuliani, was better than Hillary’. John’s response to that was ‘No way in hell America’s Christians would support Giuliani.’

And now he was a little bit shaken, both because of the shock itself in hearing Robertson come out and support a weasel like Giuliani and the fact that I had been proven right. No doubt in his mind he was worrying about other predictions I had made over the years that I might be right about as well.

You see, John and I had been going round and round on the issue of the war and politics for years. Despite the fact that we are both Christians of the ultra-conservative variety, we are servants of two different masters. He loves George Bush and I hate him. He thinks the war is a great thing and I think it’s an abomination. He thinks Israel is God’s handiwork and I say it’s the Devil’s stepson. He believes that Islam is a religion of hate and that Judaism is just an unfinished form of Christianity and I believe that Islam is a religion of peace and that Judaism and Christianity are as similar to each other as the lion and the lamb.

Furthermore, I had spent an incalculable amount of time explaining to John certain unpleasant facts concerning this war and Israel in general–about Israel’s beginning, the fact that the principle players involved in setting up this little experiment in Jewish self-rule were atheists from the Soviet Union, terrorists who possessed a visceral hatred for everyone not from the tribe and who had no desire to be ‘closer to God’ by being in the Holy Land, but rather because they needed a hangout if they ever got into trouble. He would quote John Hagee and I would quote the Talmud. He would talk about 72 virgins and I would repeat what Jesus had to say about the Jewish leadership being children of the devil and destined for hell. On a more political level, I would talk about all the dirty tricks Israel has played against the US over the years, including things that resulted in the deaths of Americans, including her attack on the USS Liberty, the bombing of the Marine barracks in Lebanon in 1982 and the mother of them all, 9/11.

In the end, ‘it didn’t matter,’ according to John. ‘Jesus was coming back soon’ and he and the other believers were going to be raptured while I and the others who were against the war and against the Republicans and against George Bush and against Israel and for the terrorists were going to be stuck here to deal with the anti-Christ and that was that.

Now, however, with Robertson signing on with Giuliani, a wrinkle had emerged in John’s perfectly-planned schedule as far as heaven and hell were concerned. Now, with Robertson joining the rat pack it had become apparent that all that stuff the ‘good Reverend’ had said over the years, all the wailing over America’s moral demise really meant nothing to him, that they were just empty words and that he was willing to throw his support behind someone for the highest office in the land who was the epitome of everything that Christians are supposed to oppose.

And the thing that was the source of all of the betrayal, of the complete turnaround and about face was a simple, six-letter word…ISRAEL.

Whether it is something that John realized or not, this is the reason for Robertson’s betrayal today and what will be the betrayal on the part of the rest of them tomorrow–Israel. The reason why traditional conservative Christian values concerning family, country, children, marriage, whatnot and why what is left of these values will take a back seat and eventually be flushed down the toilet under a Giuliani presidency is because of one word–Israel. With Robertson joining ranks with the man ranked numero uno in Israel in terms of American candidates for the presidency, what he was saying is that the well-being of this nation known as Israel–founded on an unequivocal, institutionalized enmity to Christianity–was more important than his own nation and his own faith. Robertson is more worried about Israel’s wars being fought for her than the cultural war taking place for America’s soul.

And what John was wrestling with that day is this thing known as cognitive dissonance, whether he realized it or not. Not a particularly well-educated man, nevertheless deep down he understood certain things, one of which is that a man cannot serve two masters, just as Jesus Himself said when warning people about His enemies in the Jewish community of His own day.

The tragedy of it all is that it was THIS that caused him to open his eyes. The fact that 2 million innocent Iraqis have lost their lives did not do it, nor that the country has been completely destroyed. All that has taken place in the last century with respect to what the Jews have done to the Arabs–both Christian and Muslim–in places such as Palestine, Lebanon, Egypt, Syria, etc, their lives destroyed and the region once known as the Holy Land being turned into a place of violence, vice and a new international headquarters for organized crime and that Israel was the cause of it all meant nothing. The fact that America’s political, social and cultural institutions have been hijacked by a band of thieves, liars and murderers all working in collusion for the benefit of a gangster nation known as Israel–destroyed by the merciful hand of God some 2,000 years ago–did not do it.

No, it was the fact that Pat Robertson threw his chips in with Rudy Giuliani who might take away his guns and keep prayer out of public school, equivalent to a person sleeping like a baby as his town is being bombed into oblivion, but waking up to the sound of his alarm clock.

Will this be the beginning of John ‘drying out’ and cleansing his system from the Zionist poison that was infused into his soul by the likes of Robertson, Falwell, Limbaugh, Hannity, et al?

Only the Good Lord knows. As any recovering alcoholic or drug addict will tell you, you are never really ’healed’ of your addiction. There is always that temptation to wander back to your favorite poison, to pay a visit to your favorite mistress for a few minutes.

In the meantime, the rest of us should be thankful for those times such as what recently took place with Robertson, where he takes off the sheep’s clothing for a few minutes to reveal the fact that deep down he is nothing but a predator out for our destruction and hope that others–in recognizing this reality, will run back to the safety of the Sheppard rather than running with the dogs, understanding that–despite what the Zionists may tell us today with all their fancy media magic–a man cannot serve two masters.

2007 Mark Glenn

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