Russia’s Threat of Preemptive Nuclear Strikes and The Coming War With Iran

January 21, 2008

Recent statements coming from one of Russia’s highest-ranking military commanders indicates that America and Israel plan to go ahead with war on Iran despite the release of the National Intelligence Estimate late last year.

Russia’s military chief of staff General Yuri Baluyevsky threatened the use of nuclear weapons in case of a major threat saying that although they have no plans of attacking anyone, they nevertheless consider it necessary for everyone around the world community to ‘clearly understand, that to defend the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Russia and its allies, military forces will be used, including preventively, the use of nuclear weapons.”

His statements (which can only have been made in concert with the overall policies established by his boss President Vladimir Putin) come one week after George Bush’s visit to the Persian Gulf in which the recovering alcoholic -turned born-again Christian attempted to rally the nations in that region around US and Israeli plans of ‘confronting Iran’s nuclear program before it is too late’.

Those watching recent events should not be particularly surprised at Baluyevsky’s statement, despite the stark and apocalyptic themes pervading it and despite the fact that such statements have not been made in decades. Over the course of the last year, Russia has taken on an increasingly aggressive/defensive posture with regards to the West as a result of what it sees as an overall plan of encircling her with NATO forces that threaten her in an existential way.

Not just talking the talk, Mother Russia is walking the walk as well. She has resumed long-range bomber patrols (halted with the fall of the Soviet Union) sometimes coming within inches of NATO airspace. She has pulled out of several treaties with the West limiting the size of Russian military forces on Europe’s eastern flank. Incensed at the US plan of using new NATO member nations in Eastern Europe as a staging area for missile defense systems (said to be a necessary defense against Iran) Russia has developed and successfully test fired new missiles–both land and sea-launched that she claims are sophisticated enough to trump any US Missile shield.

Beginning in December (after the release of the NIE) Russia began delivering the nuclear fuel supplies promised to Iran according to their agreement. As of the moment of this writing, 4 shipments have been made totaling 45 tons of the estimated 80 tons necessary for the Bushehr facility to begin refinement. Israel is furious, as evidenced by Israeli Foreign minister Tzipi Livni’s recent meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov wherein she called the fuel deliveries ‘inconceivable’.

What is of particular importance in General Baluyevsky’s statement is his mention of ‘defending the sovereignty and territorial integrity’ of–not just Russia, but as well her ‘allies’. Despite the fact that she may not (as of this moment) have signed formal mutual defense agreements with nations such as Iran and Syria on Israel and America’s list of countries targeted for destruction, they are nevertheless considered important trading partners occupying Russia’s peripheries and therefore a first-line defense of Russian territory.

Throughout this entire nightmare taking place in the Middle East Russia has demonstrated herself to be a sane and rational character. She is famous for the chess players she has produced over the centuries, both in terms of those moving wooden pieces around a checkered board as well as those watching world events and making policy based on them.

By contrast, Israel and–more importantly, the United States under the administration of George Bush–have demonstrated themselves to be highly irrational and unpredictable. Iraq and Afghanistan are unmitigated disasters and the fact that neither the US nor Israel have learned any substantive lessons from these disasters proves they are dangerous to all nations seen as uncooperative in the drive for US and Israeli world hegemony. Indeed, Putin was not being figurative or poetic when he recently referred to Bush as a ‘maniac running around threatening everyone with a razor’.

Baluyevsky’s statements indicate that chess players in Moscow–having watched and analyzed the moves made by George Bush and his handlers in Israel, have concluded that the release of the NIE and its relevant parts dealing with Iran not having a nuclear weapons program means nothing in the overall scheme. Bush is intent upon bringing about Armageddon at any cost, and Russia, seeing this likelihood is warning in the clearest of terms–meaning the preemptive use of nuclear weapons–that it will not be tolerated.

Let all the world hope that staring down the barrel of a nuclear launching tube is enough in sobering up sots such as Bush and his Neocon handlers in Israel who are drunk on their own power and obviously not effected by the carnage they have created.

2008 Mark Glenn, Contributing Editor, American Free Press Newspaper

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