Sauce For The Goose

March 7, 2008

A ‘crazed Muslim fanatic’ entering the holy of holies–a ‘seminary’ (the Christians will better identify with that word than they will the word yeshiva) and kills 8 soon-to-be Rabbis whom the Jewish Talmud says are even smarter than God Himself…The world is brought to a standstill…The news media is on the scene and covering it as if nothing else where taking place anywhere…Scenes of wailing Jews, crying out to the God in heaven who loves them more than anyone else ‘My God, my God, why have you forsaken us?…’

Boy THAT sure was a lucky coincidence for Israel, huh? Right in the ‘knick of time,’ as they say…I mean, what could have been more timely and fortuitous, and particularly with what just took place last week? All that bad press that this ‘shitty little country’ (as one diplomat once described the Jewish state) was getting after it invaded Gaza and murdered over 100 people, to say nothing of the fact that before murdering them they tortured them for several months by preventing the most basic necessities such as food, fuel and medicine from entering the most densely populated area on the planet.

How on earth do they do it? Every time they need something to ‘pop up’ in order to take the heat off them or in some way facilitate some demand on their part, it arrives with great fanfare as if it were gift-wrapped from heaven and hand-delivered by an army of angels marching in perfect syncopation. They wanted US troops out of Lebanon in the early 1980’s, and ‘BATTA-BING!’–a crazed Muslim fanatic drives an explosives-laden truck into a Marine barracks and kills a few hundred. The UN is just about to declare Israel a racist state and, BATTA-BANG!–crazed Muslim fanatics fly airplanes into the Twin Towers. Now, Israel issues a decree saying she is going to bring a holocaust upon the Christians and Muslims of Gaza, goes in and kills over a hundred, a ‘BATTA-BOOM/BOOM/BOOM!’ a crazed Muslim fanatic enters Jerusalem and shoots up the place.

Well, what can be said, except that either they REALLY ARE God’s chosen people (as they are always telling us) or else they must have made a deal with the devil.

We’ll remain silent on that last one for now.

In the meantime, what words can we offer in commentary over this latest event, other than the usual? War is hell…You win some and you lose some…Another one bites the dust…that’s the way the ball bounces…Life in the big city…C’est la vie…

Too insensitive? I beg to differ. I am only repeating what the rest of us have heard these last 40 years IN EVERY SINGLE INSTANCE when Israel murders innocent civilians, whether in Palestine, Lebanon or elsewhere. And not just a handful (something that happens EVERYDAY) but sometimes TENS OF THOUSANDS. Time after time after time ‘the most moral army in the world’ (as they call themselves) drops a 1,000-lb bomb on an apartment complex, killing dozens and maiming hundreds for the duration of their lifetimes, and what do we get?

A shrug of the shoulders, an expression of disconcern mixed with a sense of mild aggravation as if a mosquito had just been swatted followed by a slight, smart-assed smirk on the collective Jewish face as if to say ‘Screw you, Gentiles, Israel does whatever the f*** she wants and don’t you open your f****** mouths about it.’

So spare me the outrage over what appears to be the blasé tone of my statements concerning the execution of the 8 soon-to-be Rebbe. I am only ‘following orders’ and ‘going with the flow’ as they say, and being a big believer in the notion of ‘equality for all with favoritism towards none,’ what I’m saying is that what’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.

Besides, let’s put a few things in perspective here. Imagine for a moment that instead of a Yeshiva, it was a ‘Madrassa’, one of those EEEEEEVIL schools where Muslim children are indoctrinated through the study of the Koran to ‘wage jihad’ and become suicide bombers so that they can get their ‘72 virgins’. Let’s say that there were a few Imams in the school filling the heads of these young jihadists with all these EEEEEEVIL ideas of taking over the world, and instead of someone going in with a gun and carefully selecting his targets, Israel drops one of her made-to-order hellbombs on the place and kills everyone in the village, including women and children. Those not killed instantly suffer a long, tortuous death after the skin is burned off their bodies. Would there be any outrage? Would there be anything near the kind of coverage this event is getting? Again, the response and the mood surrounding the whole thing would be one of the aforementioned sentiments–War is hell…You win some and you lose some…Another one bites the dust…that’s the way the ball bounces…Life in the big city…C’est la vie…Going a step further, the entire murderous affair would be justified with ‘Hey, you want an omelet? You gotta break a few eggs…’

Proof for my hypothetical? Consider the cheering that took place when Saddam Hussein was hanged, the killing of his two sons, the killing of Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi, etc, etc, etc, not to mention the whole ‘shock and awe’ bombing campaign that resulted in tens of thousands of innocent Iraqi civilians being killed.

And just in case some would accuse me of equivocating between those ‘EEEEEEVIL’ Madrassas and the Yeshivas or between the ‘EEEEEEVIL’ Imams and the pure-as-the-wind-driven-snow/soon-to-be-Rabbis, I’ll say up front that I’m not equivocating at all. The fact is, the Rabbis are worse. FAR WORSE. There is no comparing a Rabbi to an Imam. Give me the worst Imam in the world and he wouldn’t hold a candle–or rather, a Qassam rocket–to any yeshiva-educated Rabbi. Whatever evidence can be brought forth concerning the ‘jihadist Muslims’ and their ‘book of hate’ called the Koran–whether this ‘evidence’ is real or concocted–it does not begin to compare with the evil that takes place in the Yeshivas.

After all, what is being taught and studied in these schools where the shooting took place? Love thy neighbor? Turn the other cheek? What you do unto the least of these, my brethren you do unto me? Blessed are the peacemakers?…

Perish the thought, gentile readers…If there were ever a place where hatred–pure, distilled, and undiluted–was taught, it is in the yeshivas. This is the reason why the Jewish media is referring to the locale as a ‘seminary’, for fear that if they use the word ‘yeshiva’ curious people might look up the word, find out it’s a place for studying the ‘Talmud’ and from there, look up the word ‘Talmud’ and find out about the hatred for non-Jews contained in it. The ‘cat would be out of the bag,’ as they say and suddenly upon seeing with their own eyes the hate that drips from every word on every page of the ultimate ‘book of hate,’ all the answers to all questions concerning why the Jews have been hated throughout history would suddenly snap into place with a click loud enough to be heard around the world instantaneously.

‘Seminary’ sounds so much better. A place where humble, charitable, God-fearing young men live in seclusion from a corrupt, violent world so they can study and commune with the Almighty and upon graduation, go forth and preach the Good news for the benefit of humanity.

Nothing could be further from the truth. The yeshiva is the well from which flows the poisonous waters of the Talmud, the source of all the unrest in the Middle East and now elsewhere. It is the place where Jewish men are taught the Jihadist mentality of Judaism which states the Jews are God’s chosen people, that Gentiles are beasts in human form created to serve the Jews and that anything may be done to the Gentiles, including murder, genocide, theft, rape of their women and children and much more. It is a factory that cranks out spiritual pimps and drug dealers who–upon graduation, go forth and perpetuate the trafficking in the highly addictive, soul-destroying narcotic known as Judaism that, like a radioactive element, brings death everywhere it goes. This being the case, it is easy to see therefore why some people–and particularly those who have suffered the 60-year long campaign of murder and oppression at the hands of God’s chosen people might see the Yeshivas as military targets in the same way as some might see the School of the Americas (where assassins for clandestine operations around the world are trained) as one also.

After all, consider just a smattering of what these Yeshivas have produced in recent years. Religious leaders saying that the ‘blood of the Jew is superior to that of the Gentiles’ and that ‘a million Arabs aren’t worth one Jewish fingernail’…Who could forget those ‘nice Jewish girls’ who made the news a few years ago by autographing high-explosive warheads with sickeningly-violent statements such as ‘From Israel, With Love’ before these weapons of mass destruction were launched into Lebanese villages…Ask the Christians in Jerusalem sometime about the spitting and cursing they endure from the Yeshiva students at the encouragement of their Rebbe. These are just a small portion of the ugly fruit the Yeshiva produces, and if these aren‘t enough then one need look no further than the daily carnage taking place in the area as a result of the corrupting influence these schools produce for further proof.

Now, I know some conspiracy theorists might (with good reason) suggest that Israel did the job herself and that this was just one more in a long string of similar events that have taken place in the last 60 years where ‘adventurous,’ ‘dedicated’ and ‘patriotic’ Jews instigated violent acts against other Jews for propaganda purposes in order to create certain political outcomes. The truth is, it’s easy to see why such persons would embrace such an idea. After all, it is the motto of Israel’s Mossad ‘By Way Of Deception Thou Shalt Do War’ , and it was Ariel Sharon, ‘the Butcher of Beirut who himself stated–

“Even today I am willing to volunteer to do the dirty work for Israel, even if it means blowing up one or two synagogues here and there, I don’t care. What you don’t seem to understand is that the dirty work of Zionism is not finished yet, far from it.”

And so it’s understandable why people would suspect that all is not Kosher with this latest story, or rather that it WAS Kosher, depending on how you view it.

For the moment however I won’t go there–YET. Right now I’ll give Israel the benefit of the doubt she doesn’t deserve and temporarily suspend my disbelief by holding to the conventional wisdom which says the guy did it. Curious though that he DID follow the pattern of all lone, crazed gunmen throughout history, which is that he was killed on the spot before he could open his mouth.

What I will say though is that Israel bears the responsibility for it, or as one famous anti-Rabbinic activist once said, ‘what you sow also shall you reap.’

The death of 8 soon-to-be Pharisees is a drop compared to the sea of blood Israel has shed in the last century, and since we are constantly getting the ‘tit-for-tat’ lecture from Jews as they justify the violence they shed on innocent people because of the supposed suffering they endured (maybe) ‘all’s fair in love and war,’ as the saying goes.

Sadly though, Jews around the world will not see this latest attack as such. They will not draw the obvious conclusion that this is what happens when you oppress and murder an entire group of people day in/day out for decades and that eventually someone gets mad and strikes out. No, this latest will be blamed on the usual suspect–‘anti-Semitism’, rather than on the fact that Israel, the angel of death in the Middle East, is reaping what she has sown.

And perpetuating this big lie will be the rabbis, the fruit of the Yeshivas where the Talmud and its core teaching of Jewish superiority is taught, and WHEN Israel uses this latest event to justify launching a war against innocent Palestinians, Lebanese, Syrians, Iranians, or whoever, resulting in tens of thousands of deaths, their response will be what it always is–

‘War is hell…You win some and you lose some…Another one bites the dust…that’s the way the ball bounces…Life in the big city…C’est la vie…’

…When what they are really saying between hypocritical words, pretending to nurse a mild sense of regret over the whole incident is–

Screw you, Gentiles, Israel does whatever the f*** she wants and don’t you open your f****** mouths about it.’

© 2008 by Mark Glenn

Correspodent, American Free Press Newspaper

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